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About ClinEco

What is ClinEco?

ClinEco is a centralized platform that reduces effort and time in bringing clinical trial needs to services. In this comprehensive ecosystem, sponsors can browse vendor offerings by name, therapeutic area, or product category.  Sponsors can also broadcast opportunities to the vendor community as a way to identify, engage, and select innovative and effective partners. On the other end, vendors can showcase their capabilities and maintain the most up-to-date offerings in ClinEco.

The platform also features clinical trial sites and non-profit organizations.

How can ClinEco help me achieve my goals?

ClinEco allows companies to save time, verify quality partners in a complex landscape, and discover new and innovative partners.

Who can join ClinEco?

Anyone who is currently employed by a company in the clinical trials industry is welcome to join ClinEco. Upon registration you will submit information to help us verify your role in the industry. If your company profile is already claimed, the company admins will be the ones to approve your registration. If your company profile is unclaimed, verification is up to ClinEco admins, and upon admission, you will become your company’s first admin.

How do I join ClinEco?

First, click on the “Request to Join” button on the homepage. After submitting your business email address, you will receive a verification code. Upon entering the code, you can continue the registration process by submitting information about your company and position. After submitting this information, you will receive an email from ClinEco admins in 24 business hours notifying you of their decision.

How do I use ClinEco? Is there a quick video tour?

A walkthrough video for ClinEco can be found by clicking this link.

How do I optimize the use of the ClinEco search engine?

ClinEco allows you to create a very structured search through a set of filters designed specifically for clinical research. You can narrow your search by TA, geography, service, company size, etc.

Platform Features

How do I search for companies?

From the home page, there are three ways to search for companies. The first is by typing a keyword into the search bar. The other options are by clicking the popular search tiles on the middle of the page or the company role headers at the top, which will refine your search based on the tile you select. Searches can be further refined from the search results page using the checkboxes on the left side of the page. 

How can I compare multiple companies?

The comparison tool can be accessed on both the search results page and the watch list page. Simply select the radio buttons of 2-5 companies you would like to compare, and click the compare button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to the compare page where you can examine several companies side-by-side.

What is the difference between the watchlist and the contracted partners list?

The watchlist is for companies that have caught your attention, but you have not worked with yet. The contracted partners list is for companies that your company has previously or currently worked with along with details about your history and contracts.

How do I write a review for a company?

To submit a review for a company, go to their company profile and scroll to the reviews section at the bottom. Clicking the “Leave a review” button will allow you to write and submit a review that may be published pending the company’s approval. Reviews can also be submitted from the company’s Partner Details page on your Contracted Partners table after you have added the company as a contracted partner.

Documents/Templates Library

Sending documents on ClinEco is as easy as adding an attachment to a message. ClinEco’s Template Library is home to downloadable templates of the most frequently used clinical trials documents such as RFIs, RFPs, and NDAs.

News Feed

ClinEco’s homepage and Member Dashboard feature a cutting-edge feed featuring all the latest news from the clinical trials industry. Check back often to make sure you are up-to-date on the most recent innovations and happenings in the clinical trials space. 


How do I send a message to a company?

Companies can be messaged through the “Reach Out” or messaging panel on their profile. Messages can also be sent to companies by clicking the [send a message] button on the search results page, Watch List, or Contracted Partners table.

How do I send a message to an individual user?

There are two ways individual users can be messaged. If their name and photo appear on their company profile, clicking it will allow you to send a message to their personal inbox. The only other way an individual can be messaged is if they choose to reply to a message from their company inbox.

Can I share white papers and other documents with another company?

Links and document attachments can be added to any message that you send from a company profile page or search results page.

Who can read the messages in my company inbox?

Messages in your company inbox that have not been replied to can be read by all of the members of your company on ClinEco. Once a message is replied to, it is moved to the personal inbox of the member who replied, where it can only be viewed by themselves, and their correspondent.

Profile Questions, Tips, and Suggestions

What are the differences between the profile types?

The different company roles are Sponsor, Technology & Service Provider, Site/Site Network, and Non-Profit/Other. Each role has a different profile type specified to their needs.

For instance, providers have the ability to showcase marketing materials and have multifaceted messaging panels with various questions designed to streamline the introduction process. Sponsors have the ability to indicate their wants and needs in special “Looking For” panels. Site/Site Network profiles have a section where they can indicate their patient demographics.

How do I manage my company profile?

Only company admins have the ability to edit their company profile. Profiles can be edited by going to the profile admin view from the admin dashboard. More than one individual from a company can be assigned as an admin.

How can Sponsors let Providers know what their company is looking for?

The “Looking For” panel is the perfect place for Sponsor companies to indicate all their wants and needs. Clicking the blue button labeled “Start a Form” in the middle of the member dashboard will lead you to set up a Looking for Form.

How can Providers stand out?

Utilizing the Marketing Materials section on the Provider profile lets you showcase the best your company has to offer. Videos, PDFs, images, and links can also be embedded so feel free to get creative in showing off your company.

Responding to Looking For forms on Sponsor profiles is a great way to catch a sponsor’s attention and let them know that you are a match.

How can Sites and Site Networks use ClinEco?

Sites can fill out their profiles in great detail to showcase their capabilities and answer common questions of clinical trial sponsors and CROs via the profile. 

Members and Admins

How do I invite a new member to ClinEco?

On the top of every page, next to the search bar, there is blue text that says “Invite a Colleague.” Simply click the text, enter your colleague’s name and email address, and they will be sent an invitation to register on ClinEco.

What does it mean to be a Company Admin on ClinEco?

Company admins have access to the Admin Dashboard, where they can edit the company profile, view analytics, and manage things like reviews, members, and subscriptions. More than one person from a company can be assigned as an admin.  

Is there a limit to how many members or admins a company can register?

No, ClinEco does not limit the number of users under one company. Also, there can be more than one company admin.

How do I add new admins?

Admin status can be granted or revoked on the “Manage Members” page of the Admin Dashboard.

How do I change my account profile and password?

Account settings can be accessed by clicking your initials in the top right banner and selecting “My Account”, where you can edit your personal profile and password. You can also access this section by clicking the three lines to the left of the ClinEco logo at the top of the page and select “My Account”.  


Who can see my profile?

Your personal profile on ClinEco is not visible for others. 

Use Cases

Are you a sponsor looking for a vendor?

In our first use case, a sponsor company is looking for a vendor company to do business with. ClinEco can help!

First, they might search and browse for relevant vendors, using the comparison tool to find the best match. Secondly, they could set up a Looking for Form to broadcast the qualities they are seeking in a potential partner company. Once they get some responses in their company inbox, they can look over profiles, reply to messages and exchange documents until they are confident they have found the right pick.

Are you a vendor looking for a new contract?

In the second use case, a vendor company is promoting their services and interacting with sponsors on the platform. ClinEco can help! Vendors will want to make good use of their profile by editing it on the admin page, as it is their way to showcase what makes their company great. Adding a lot of  information such as indications, will ensure their company will appear in relevant searches. To seek out sponsor companies, the vendor would perform targeted searches to find the company that is the right fit for them. If they find a Looking for Form that matches what their company can offer, responding to it can lead to a fruitful exchange on the company inbox and could lead to further partnership between the businesses.

Are you looking for DE&I solutions? 

Use Case #3 is on a topic that we know is incredibly important to all of us – DE&I. In this Use Case, let’s say your organization is committed to always including a minority owned service vendor in the selection process. In ClinEco, you can filter if a business is minority owned, and/or women owned. Vendor Profiles also have a section for competencies where they can speak in more depth about their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion capabilities in Clinical Trials.

Data and Privacy

Who can see my company profile?

Users currently logged in to ClinEco have the ability to view company profiles.

Who can see my personal/individual profile?

ClinEco is a B2B marketplace and network. Personal or changes to Individual profile pages are not on display.

Is my data being collected or sold to third parties?

No, ClinEco is not sharing or selling your information to third parties.

Is the ClinEco platform compliant with data privacy policies? 

Yes, you can view our data privacy page here: Privacy Policy

Is the data I share on ClinEco private and secure?

Yes, the data shared on ClinEco is private and secure. See details below.

Encrypted Data Transfer

All data sent between ClinEco users and the system is encrypted with use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) technologies. This keeps data secure while in transit and ensures it can only be interpreted by the intended parties.

Encrypted Data Storage

Data at rest is encrypted using AES-256 encryption.

Role Based Access

Role based access controls are implemented for access to ClinEco application. Each user has a role that is assigned to this user by organization's administrator and user's permissions within ClinEco’s system are defined by this assigned role. Users can not perform any action that is outside of the scope defined by his/her role.

Password Policies

Our password best practices enforce the use of complex passwords, which are deployed to protect against unauthorized use of these passwords. Password are not stored within our system, but are encrypted within AWS infrastructure.

Data Center & Hardware

All ClinEco application and database servers are physically managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in highly secure data centers within the United States.

Subscription, Billing and Payments

What are the different subscription options? - Coming Soon

Please see subscription options here: Subscriptions

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards and other web-based payment options using Stripe - our secure payment processing software.

Can you invoice me? - Coming Soon

We can; please email with your request.

Are there both individual and enterprise subscriptions? - Coming Soon

There are both individual and enterprise subscriptions for trial sponsors (biopharma, device companies), but there are only enterprise subscriptions available for service providers (CROs, vendors, consultancies, and sites).

Would you like to leave the platform?

It is easy to disconnect your membership temporarily or permanently. Please email and explain your request. We strive to get back you within 1 business day.


I forgot my password/I am having trouble logging in.

If you forget your password, go to the login page and click “Forgot my Password”. A code will be sent to your email, entering the code will allow you to reset your password. If you are still having trouble logging in, send an email to 

My company has become inactive

Please email to

Having issues with the platform?  

Use the help icon at the bottom of each page of the ClinEco platform.  

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